Shock Client (beta version)

The shock client is a java tool to remotely run the Paris Durham Shock model. Make sure that Java (jdk or jre 1.6 or later) is installed on your machine. Please note that this is an early version, and the documentation is not completed yet. In case of trouble, contact either Carlo Maria Zwölf or Antoine Gusdorf (find email here).

To use the Shock Client:

1 – download and unzip the client from the right-hand side menu;
2 – in the created directory, double-click on the ‘ParisDurhamClient.jar’ file;
3 – fill in your email address in the pop-up window and validate;
4 – fill in the ‘shockParameters’ and ‘inputParameters’ forms;
5 – click on ‘launch computation’ in the ‘summary and server communication’ pop-up window;
An email is sent to you to notify the launching of the model; a second one, after the calculation contains the link where the output files can be retrieved.

About this service

This service, both client and server parts, are based on the IVOA PDL grammar and its related framework. For more information please visit the official IVOA page.





For any question about the Shock code:

  • Antoine.Gusdorf at
  • Sylvie.Cabrit at