CHIMES follows the time dependent evolution of a single cell of gas deep within a dark molecular cloud. It is a 0D code without any structure. The gas phase chemistry may be very involved. The input files have the same structure as the PDR code, allowing for an easy comparison between both. This project is still in a development phase, and the current version of the code provides only a very limited thermal balance and no surface chemistry.

It is well adapted to the study of intrinsic gas phase chemical oscillations as has been demonstrated in Roueff & Le Bourlot A&A 643, A121 (2020).

It is based on an old version of the evolution code by Flower & Pineau des ForĂȘts, which has been heavily upgraded.

LERMA – Paris Observatory

Scientists and engineers
Jacques Le Bourlot (scientist)
Evelyne Roueff (scientist)



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