The Wrapper is an IDL (Interactive Data Language) interface, allowing to run DustEM from IDL written programs to fit data SEDs using a chi2 minimization. The package includes the source code files, filters transmission files for several instruments (Akari, Archeops, DIRBE, IRAS, HFI, LFI, MSX, MIPS, IRAC, PACS, SPIRE, WMAP, …), and a user guide.

You can find here the current version of the DustEM Wrapper.

The DustEM wrapper is complementary to the DustEM fortran code.

If you use DustEM in any publication, then please cite Compi├Ęgne et al. (2011) and acknowledge the use of the DustEM package.


Jean-Philippe Bernard (scientist)
Deborah Paradis (scientist)
Laurent Verstraete (scientist)
Nathalie Ysard (scientist)


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